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So how could I go about ordering a unique piece of work

for my home or business space?

It's very simple. 


1.  Send an email with your ideas to Let's arrange a time to chat either in person (if you live within a reasonable radius of my art space) or digitally.

2. Let's discuss your inspiration, for example, a portrait of someone, a pet, a place or a series of objects. This includes dimensions, materials, framing, colour references and if the work for a specific room or space. Your ideas are, of course, very important, but it is exciting to have them interpreted in a unique way. As an artist, I can represent them in ways you may not have thought about. It is also important to have some good images as references for the work. I will then go away and produce some working sketches for your approval. This initial consultation is free of charge. 

3.  Once a price has been agreed and confirmed in writing, half is paid before I begin, and the final amount once your piece is completed. Paintings are, unfortunately, non refundable. But, we will work together during the entire process to create something beautiful and unique, something you really love and are happy to own. 


4. Pieces can be delivered in person within a reasonable mile limit of my art space, but I also offer postage. Postage and packaging is included in the price.

If you wish to see some of my past commissions, visit my archive page.

Enquire about commissions below!

Thanks for submitting!

Please be assured we do not share your details with anyone.

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