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1.  How do I begin the process of ordering a commission piece?

You can either send me an email at, or by filling out the contact form on the commissions page to organise a time for us to meet in person or digitally.

2.  What happens after I order a commission piece? 

Your memories hold a very special place in your life, so I listen very carefully to your thoughts and ideas, asking questions and making suggestions. I would need some photographs or images as a basis for the piece.  We would discuss size and some measurements of the area you plan to place the work, amongst other things. As we chat together, the creative ideas should begin to flow. Then I go away and produce a series of sketches for you to look at.  This initial consultation is free. Click below to find out more.

3. How do I pay for the work?

The cost is calculated using an amount per square inch. You would be invoiced for half the payment before the work begins, and the final payment would be made upon completion.

4. How long would it take before I receive the piece?

I would aim to finish the work within 2 to 3 months, although it would depend on both the volume of commissions I am receiving, and the scale of your piece.

5. Do you have a refund policy?

No, I don't. This should not be an issue however, because working closely with you on a project would enable me to create something you will be delighted to own. 

6. Will the work be framed?  

This would be something I can discuss and arrange with you, or alternatively, you may prefer to visit a local art specialist in your area, and have the work framed there. Some watercolour paintings do require a frame and mount. Watercolours can be mounted on a wooden cradle and varnished, in which case, these items would be included in the price of the work. Acrylic or oil paintings are usually left on canvas with no frame, unless they are on special papers. This would be carefully discussed and itemised in writing before the work begins. 

7. How does delivery work?

If you live within a reasonable radius of my work space, I would arrange to deliver the finished piece of work in person. If not, it can be delivered by post.

8. How can I contact you?  

You can email me at, or use one of the frequent contact forms on the website.

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