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Inspired Evocative Paintings

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    inspired   evocative  paintings                           

So my name is Lois Thompson and I live just a short walk from the sea front near to Lee on Solent, Hampshire, UK.  You can see the Isle of Wight from the beach on a clear day.

I work in various mediums including watercolour, oils and acrylics, mixed media and textiles.  I particularly like using watercolour, a traditional medium in contemporary ways.

I like the way that watercolours merge and flow into one another creating surprising explosions of colour.  You are never really in control so you paint with brush in one hand and a suitable sponge in the other.  You can of course use the paint in a more controlled way but the best things happen when the paint creates it's own surface quality.  I use many utensils for painting and collage sometimes appears in the watercolour work.  

I get excited by the intrinsic beauty and richness in people, places and objects. Seeing the things we take for granted and often overlook with fresh eyes.  You can describe this as one of the functions of an artist.

I always drew as a child it was my happy place.  As a wife and Mum it was some years later when I started painting and drawing again.  It began when I was asked to create a playgroup in one of the  most challenging areas in my locality.  The children's art was of course the main event but I began to paint huge murals and textile pieces. which everyone seemed to like. I attended a foundation art course and then completed a degree in visual studies at my local University graduating BA(hons).  

I then went on to teach art at secondary school level at a local Independent school. The Christian ethos of the school meant I looked through the prism of The Master Creator to write my lesson plans.   The student's grades slowly began to rise and they were attaining A's when it was time for me to move on. 

I then taught  drawing, watercolour, and mixed media sessions with adults in The

Penguin Café on the sea front in Lee on Solent and also in my own home. 


Are you looking for a series of workshops to inspire you and provide accessible techniques?  Then you are in the right place.


 I loved your art lessons, Lois! You were an incredibly detailed teacher, very patient and always starting from where a person was at.  I enjoyed using different techniques, light and dark, shading working with pencil, charcoal and paint.  I improved so much with Lois and learned many different ways of doing and seeing things.  Since working with Lois my confidence has grown and I look at art and expressions of art with different eyes. -  JENNY WILFORD,

Thank you for the Wellspring sessions you are always so positive and encouraging.  Each week brought a new challenge but always building on and reminding us of what was before. I have learnt so much about famous artists we have explored too. You have challenged me to increase my tool bag of skills and introduced me to the full joys of watercolour painting.  I am looking forward to what is in store ahead. -  BARBARA POWELL

Lois teaching has enabled me to better appreciate aspects of art in general and of watercolour in particular.  Her congenial teaching style has even encouraged me to take up watercolour painting and I can testify to having discovered a precious hidden gem of creativity within myself.  Consequently I have spent many hours to date in a pastime that is challenging yet one which there is so much more to learn and enjoy.  GRAHAM POWELL

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